Simple. As. Pie.

This low-cost, five-module course walks you through the five crucial ingredients in your successful business "pie".  Includes a 27-page workbook!

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Marketing Workbook

This self-study workbook is customized to the type of product that you sell!  Work at your own pace around your ideal client and come out with a marketing plan.

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90-Minute Strategy

An hour and a half, my eyes exclusively on your business.  No nonsense, no BS.  Walk away with clarity, direction, and a bulletproof plan for consistent execution!

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Direct Sales Evolution

This intense, live 4-week course is designed to help you build a strong foundation, set yourself up for growth, and fine-tune your processes.  Evolve your business!

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Legacy Leadership

 From setting boundaries to motivation to offering feedback to coaching basics to scaling your business, this 8-week advanced group course is Leader-focused!

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High Touch.  High Impact.  High Vibe.

If you're ready to move to the next level in a hands-on way, 1-on-1 coaching might just be for you.

Please only apply if you:

  • ...understand that you, and you alone, are responsible for your success.  Coaching is not an "easy" button or a magic wand, and investing in a coach doesn't guarantee you results.  Only you can do that.
  • ...are ready and willing to show up for your investment. It’s not enough to just invest the money. I will guide and support you, but you need to be willing to change your perspective and put in the work.
  • ...are familiar with me.  If this is your first time on my site, and you've never taken one of my courses (even a free one), 1-on-1 coaching isn't for you yet. 
  • ...can't handle a little tough love.  My job as your coach is to push you outside of your comfort zone, and that's usually not, well, comfortable.  


A month of one-on-one coaching with Liza will include:

  • 1 calendar month of strategy and mindset support
  • 4 personalized 60-minute Zoom calls
  • Unlimited text/messenger access to Liza


Availability for 1:1 coaching is very limited, and only 2-3 clients are accepted monthly.  If you are looking for a personalized learning experience, apply below!

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