Master your mindset

Approach your business each day from a place of abundance, power, and confidence

Identify and hone in on your personal and business values

Create your business mission statement

Develop an authentic brand and business voice

Organize and manage your business resources

Create and grow a client list

Nurture an audience full of your ideal clients

Execute a wildly successful launch (or relaunch)

Implement strategies for client growth using social media, face to face, and email interaction

Perfect your booking, host coaching, and party presentation skills

Become a master seller without using slimy techniques

Determine your target client and master your marketing plan

Create a prospecting/recruiting  culture in your personal business and on your team

Develop your expertise in team motivation and inspiration

"Liza Altenburg I wanted to say thank you so very much! You were a fabulous help for me to move from 'how do I do it' to 'yes i did it'!!!!! Reached that goal"

LaCole Gemes
Social Selling Force Member

Direct Sales Evolution

A five-week program designed to push you out of your comfort zone and into the next, most profitable, version of your business!

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