Join-for-Join and Like-for-Like Posts are Damaging Your Business

strategy May 03, 2020

I know you’ve seen them.  I know you’ve commented on them.

I have too.

And conceptually, it’s kind of cool, isn’t it?  A free way to grow the number of people in your group or on your page!

So you start liking other pages and joining other groups…  And maybe you start to get people liking your page and joining your group.  And that feels pretty good!!!

But what I’ve learned is that these efforts are not truly beneficial, unless you’re looking for vanity numbers.  In fact, these efforts actually damage your business, in more than one way!


B-b-but it’s a FREE way to grow my numbers.  What could possibly go wrong?


I know, I know.  I”m raining on your parade.  But here’s the thing…  There IS a way to make these posts work for you.  We’ll get to that, I promise.

For now, let’s take a look at the 2 primary ways that these...

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